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Given the current climate we’re living in, every company wants to communicate with its consumers both efficiently and as cost-effective as possible. Enter – email marketing. Although some individuals think of email marketing as a way of the past, it is still one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to increase brand awareness and drive revenue.

Let’s take a look at four different types of emails and why they work.

1 – Push a Product

People don’t know what you’re offering unless you tell them. Even if they know what you’re selling, they need to be reminded so your brand is top-of-mind.

Here’s an example of an e-commerce company that sells stylish & functional handbags. To showcase the breadth of their bag selections, we created an email that highlights the right bag for every kind of woman. This successful use of email marketing allowed us to drive to their shop page where a customer can purchase the bag she felt was the best fit for her.


2- Send an Offer

For better or worse, consumers are trained to look for a deal. Especially during COVID, people are watching their pennies more than ever before.

Lancaster Farm Fresh Co-Operative had a successful Summer for their CSA program; however, they were hoping to capitalize on this momentum to make the Fall CSA their best season yet. To utilize their growth to their advantage, we created an “early bird” limited time offer to send to their already active Summer CSA members. This email allowed the Co-Op to reach out to their active consumers to remind them of the Fall CSA, while also offering them an incentive to take action. By sending an offer with an expiration date, this encouraged subscribers to take action before it was too late.


3 – Introduce Something New

Whenever anything is new or exciting, it means for an email!

Árdana Food & Drink has been working on their meze menu for months so when it was ready to launch, we designed an email to communicate and educate their email list on how their new menu works. When you’re working on a new item, menu, program, etc. you may become numb to how cool and exciting it because it’s been in the works for so long. However, every new endeavor your company goes after is grounds to sing the news from the rooftop!


4- Send a Company Update

Keeping your following informed on the everyday workings of your company is an easy way to remain top-of-mind.

For WJH Engineering we utilize their monthly “Blueprint” as a way to share news, informative blogs, service reminders, behind the scenes, and staff highlights with their email list. People love to get a glimpse into the inner workings of your team, so in this particular newsletter, we showcased the WJH Team’s hobbies in a Brady Bunch style animation!


We highlighted four ways to use email marketing in your overall marketing strategy, but there are countless more. Creating an email marketing calendar is a helpful way to make sure that you’re offering useful content that’s relevant and exciting. Don’t forget to test your subject lines and/or time & dates for your sends. And always remember is here to help with on-brand email creative and your email marketing strategy.