Leadership Team

Elyse Lupin

President & Founder
Mom, Marketer, Media Maven
  • Alma Mater: Penn State University for Undergrad and Boston University for MBA
  • First job out of college? NBC Page at 30 Rock (yes, like Kenneth the Page)
  • Favorite part of your job? Tie between meeting really interesting people and seeing the looks on the faces of satisfied clients
  • Favorite city you've visited? I studied abroad in Lyon, France, so I have to say that city - but Barcelona and Florence are very close seconds
  • Drink to get you through the day: Really into La Croix right now – fabulous branding as well!
  • Weapon of choice to do your job: Pencil & pink notebook
  • First concert ever attended: Sting with Melissa Etheridge as the opener
  • Female Influencers: (aside from family members) Indra Nooyi, Bette Midler, Ann Handley, P!nk, & Tory Burch

Alexis Bernardo

Creative Lead
Designer, Fashionista, Condiment Queen
  • Alma Mater: Philadelphia University
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? A Magazine Editor
  • Favorite part of your job? Never knowing what the heck I'll be doing tomorrow let alone an hour from now!
  • Favorite city you've visited? Denver
  • Best sport moment? Softball Junior year. A line drive straight to the face a day before Prom. I no longer play
  • Favorite way to de-stress? Any time I spend with my pitty pup Zoo Zoo
  • Food preference: Ketchup
  • Drink to get you through the day: Iced, hot, chai whatever. It must be Tea
  • Weapon of choice to do your job: "Command + Z" aka "Undo"
  • Fav place for inspiration: The beach in Fall or Winter
  • Tattoo: A commemorative number "72" in the hand writing of my brother. He was a football player. 

Lexie Doran

Marketing Manager
Season-ticket Holder, Workaholic, Toddler-magnet
  • Alma Mater: The Catholic University of America
  • First job out of college: Marketing for the Philadelphia Freedoms
  • Favorite part of your job? Getting to know all of our clients and learning the ins & outs of their companies
  • Favorite place you've visited? Havasu Falls – I hiked 54 miles in 115 degree heat to see those waterfalls...
  • Best sport moment? Scoring two goals during my team’s win in the Philadelphia City field hockey championship
  • Food preference: Anything and everything spicy
  • Drink to get you through the day: Doubleshot of espresso on ice
  • Weapon of choice to do your job: Basecamp & I will tell you my love for it if you ask me
  • First concert ever attended: Kelly Clarkson with Rooney

Eugene Lutskiy

Digital Marketing Specialist
Father, Tea Drinker, Japanese Speaker
  • Alma Mater: Siberian Academy of Law, Economics, and Management
  • Favorite part of your job: Helping customers to get results and getting results measured
  • Favorite City: Philadelphia
  • Food preference: Vegetarian
  • Drink to get you through the day: Ripe or Raw Puerh or other good Chinese tea
  • Weapon of choice to do your job: 1st of all - a laptop. Then - Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, SEMrush, ahrefs, Google Ads Editor.
  • First concert ever attended: Lyapis Trubetskoy

Mollie Komins

Creative Coordinator
Illustrator, Author, Model
  • Alma Mater: Parsons The New School for Design
  • What did you want to be when you grew up? When I was really little I wanted to be a witch, but as soon as I could draw I've known I was an artist
  • Favorite part of your job? Creative problem solving-- those great "ah ha!" moments when you've turned a good idea great
  • Favorite city you've visited? Paris, France
  • Food preference: I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth!
  • Weapon of choice to do your job: Adobe Photoshop and my Wacom tablet
  • Fav place for inspiration: Curated Instagrams like @thepinklemonade or @thedesigntip
  • Tattoo: I think I'm up to 12 now. My favorite is me and my sister playing dress up as little kids on my upper thigh. 

JJ Caric

Marketing Account Manager
Perfectionist, Pasta Connoisseur, Movie-Guru
  • Alma Mater: Temple University; Klein College of Media and Communication
  • Favorite part of your job? Working with an incredible team and getting to know and building relationships with all the clients!
  • Favorite city you’ve visited? I spent a summer in London so I’ll always be attached to that, but I also love Venice, Italy and Vancouver!
  • Food preference: Pasta, Pasta, Pasta!!!
  • Weapon of choice to do your job: Google Drive and a notebook. Lots of notes and sharing...a must to have multiple places to store things!
  • First Concert: All American Rejects when I was 10!
  • Tattoo: I have 3! The first one I got in NYC when I was going to school there for my freshman year. It’s a fox holding a rose symbolizing a quote from The Little Prince