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For consumers, holidays are an enjoyable time to celebrate special events and get together with friends and family. For companies, it is a great opportunity, to not only celebrate these holidays, but also to engage with your customers. Here are three ways maximize your marketing during holidays, especially with Memorial Day quickly approaching:

1. Sale – Instead of running a random sale at a random time, give your customers a reason to connect your sale to a holiday, especially if the holiday draws a natural connection to your product or service.

Here’s an example of a Mother’s Day sale we ran for a beauty client. Since most women love beauty products, it makes sense that Me & the Girls would run a sale encouraging consumers to pamper Mom with their products.



2. Email – While sending too much email is a definite no-no, sending an on-brand email wishing someone a happy birthday or happy holidays is always a great way to keep your brand top-of-mind, and use the “halo effect” that occurs when people associate your brand with the positive feelings they have towards that holiday.

Here’s an example of a Thanksgiving email that Elysium Marketing Group sent to its clients and contacts. Simple and easy, but still showing that we care and we’re thankful for our friends and clients during this celebratory time.

3. Social Media – The easiest way to celebrate the holidays with your clients/fans/patients, etc. is to post on your company pages on social media. The general rules of social media still apply here:

· Make sure your post is on-brand (that it matches your brand identity)

· When possible, include your logo and URL to ensure the creative ladders back to your brand

· Hashtag the holiday (#HappyValentinesDay, #Happy4ofJuly, etc) especially on Twitter & Instagram

· Share the company post on your personal page to increase the reach and engagement

· Use specific sizes for specific sites. Here are the correct sizes for social media from Hubspot.

Here’s an example of a Happy Labor Day post we did for Eventions Productions. Since Eventions does high-end event lighting, we incorporated a spotlight and showcased our message in the light. Their brand colors are black and blue, so we made sure to adhere to that. And we included their URL in case someone wanted to check them out there.

Memorial Day is a few days away, so now is the perfect time to design some holiday creative and try these tips out!

And HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY from Elysium Marketing Group!