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When people hear the phrase “content marketing” they often immediately feel overwhelmed. People automatically associate the term with long-winded blogs that will take them hours to put together. More often than not, that is entirely not the case! At Elysium, we take a client by client content marketing approach. Not every piece of content should be a long-form blog, and as we stress to our clients time and time again there are many different approaches we can utilize to push out content. Here, we will outline a few of our favorite methods of attacking content marketing that are easily executed and easily digestible for your audience!

Lists – When in doubt, list it out! Whether it be a list of the top 10 questions your customers ask you or a top 5 list of the favorite projects your company had worked on throughout the previous year, people love to read a list! These are great for a variety of reasons – to list out information in a clean, clear written style, to rank information, and to identify “top” and “worst” items within a category!

Videos – A video that explains the services your company provides, shows the behind the scenes footage of your business, or showcases the products your business sells can be a great method to visually display your brand!

Infographics — Infographics make taking in content easy. With few words and aesthetically pleasing images, you are bound to engage your audience. Infographics are great for relaying information of all types while still being able to maintain your brand’s image and feed.

Blogs — Blogs are great to share information and boost SEO! Articles written by your company will also help promote organic traffic to your website.

Case Studies — Case studies are also another versatile tool. These are great to illustrate how YOUR business has helped a client or customer become more successful. They are also great to highlight your product’s abilities in comparison to others.

Checklists — This is a great way to have your content shared! Checklists are to provide an essential guide for your clients. These guides can be downloaded, shared, and utilized multiple times by each user! Checklists are a great method for promoting your business, as the shares and use double as free advertising!

White Papers — If you want to provide something more packed with information, details, and data, look no further! These are great for companies that want to build leadership and respect within their industry. This will also help your company gather information about new leads!

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