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Hitting the one-year anniversary in business is somewhat like your real-life baby turning one. Thoughts like Where did the time go? and feelings of accomplishment swirl in your head. You also wonder, How did I get through this? and What did I learn to help me continue on this journey ?

As I reflect on the past year at Elysium Marketing Group, I’m thankful for so many people, clients, and mentors. To share my gratitude, I’m going to pass along some words of wisdom I received when Elysium first started, plus I’ll throw in some of the lessons I learned over the past year for good measure.

1. “Don’t leave your job without having a client or two, and don’t half-ass it. If you’re going to start your own company, really do it full throttle.” – Jon Seitz, mentor and owner of MayoSeitz Media

Thank goodness I listened to this blunt advice! I left my job with one client in hand, and another in tow. Elysium is now growing at a fast pace with new clients hiring us each month, and current clients growing their marketing plans and footprints.

Before ramping up my biz dev side of things, I made sure my website and business cards were branded and stayed true to the Elysium brand. I went “full-ass” into ensuring that people could learn more about the company on my website.

2. “You can decide who to work with now. Choose to work with good people.” – Marcia O’Connor, client, mentor, and President of The O’ Connor Group

This is where I feel so incredibly fortunate. I took this advice to heart both with people I work with internally and externally. At Elysium Marketing Group, I have a phenomenal team of designers, marketers, interns, and editors that are so gifted and dedicated to the business. Without their talent and commitment, Elysium would not be where it’s at today and providing the caliber of services that we do.

I also feel fortunate that I have clients who are smart business people and just really good people who care about not only their businesses, but also about the greater community around them. I strive to teach my clients about best marketing practices, but they teach me everyday about business, life in general, and how to be a better person.

3. “Always document your successes, and if you can get good pictures, do that too.” – Brian Toner, client, mentor, and President of Eventions Productions

This has been such an important piece of advice. Elysium has gained new clients by showing what we accomplished by partnering with other clients. In the world of social media (here I go preaching about imagery AGAIN!) imagery is so important, so this piece of advice is spot on. When I can show a new website, logo, or sales piece we’ve created through social media, it’s WAY more impactful than if I just talk about it.

4. “Once a job has first begun… do it right or not at all.” – Steve Lupin, Dad, mentor, and Managing Partner of Hamburg, Rubin, Mullin, Maxwell, & Lupin

Ok, so to be honest, my Dad didn’t say this to me when I first started the business, he said it to me my entire life. Having a role model who is always on my side and also incredibly successful in business was one of the catalysts that gave me enough confidence to start the business in the first place. Being an entrepreneur is a scary thing, but it helps to have mentors and family members (he’s not the only one… my Mom and brother are fabulous editors, and my husband is the best sounding board for my new ideas).

Helping businesses reach their goals through strategic marketing, and creating beautiful creative that will help them grow their revenue is so rewarding and frankly exactly what I want to be doing.

Lastly, I want to scream a heartfelt THANK YOU from the rooftop next to Billy Penn at City Hall to everyone who’s been a supporter of Elysium Marketing Group. We appreciate every piece of advice, like on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn, comment on our work, referrals, or general positive vibe sent our way! Here’s to 2016…we wish you much marketing success in the New Year!

Elyse Lupin, President of Elysium Marketing Group