Getting your Trinity Audio player ready...

The amount of time consumers are currently spending watching video on their phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops is astounding. According to, adults 18+ spend an average of almost 2 hours a day watching digital videos. That’s more time than even consuming social media. Consumers are so accustomed to videos nowadays that it’s almost expected for brands to incorporate video into their content marketing strategy.

One of the best ways to tell your company’s story with emotion and convey its message easily is through video marketing. Below are three ways to include video into your marketing plan:

1.     Behind-the-Scenes Videos – As mentioned before, people love to have access to information that is not readily available. Followers want a peek behind the curtain to see a deeper look into a brand, company, or person.

One of our clients, Eventions Productions, used a ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ video to give consumers and prospects an insider look into their office space, their team members, and their culture. They used a tongue-in-cheek sped up video to show that although they work hard, they play hard too.

Eventions was looking to showcase their company, and as a happy aside, they saw 14 new Facebook likes from people who were impressed with them and their video, and wanted to further interact with the brand.  Enjoy the video below.

2.     Educational Videos –  If your product or service has any complicated directions or messaging, a video can capture the essence of the brand or simplify steps for easier comprehension.

Our client, The O’Connor Group, wanted to create a branding video to show prospects and website visitors both who they are and what they do. Since they are an HR Outsourcing and Talent Acquisition firm, they felt that a video would do a better job detailing their services and explaining their points of differentiation than a block of copy on the site would. Check out their video here.

3.     Teaser/Promotional Videos –  Another way that video can work in your favor is through a teaser or promo ad. If you have a large announcement or a new product launch, a great way to build excitement on social media and on your site is to create a video or video series that will either tease the launch or generate buzz for when it’s finally available to the masses.

CinemaCake Filmmakers, a client and partner of Elysium Marketing Group, created a series of teasers for the launch of their website. They played off their name and decided to announce that they were “baking” something new. Each team member participated in the fun, and played a part in teasing that they were definitely up to something… and it smelled delicious! See the teasers here.

Full disclosure, CinemaCake creates videos for a living! However, if you don’t have any experience with videos or you don’t want to create a video on your iPhone, you have the option to work with a company like CinemaCake to create the caliber of video you desire.

With the popularity of video skyrocketing, video marketing should be a definite part of your company’s strategy. Don’t forget to use your brand’s tone and personality to showcase your brand essence in an authentic light.

Also, since you want to ensure people know it’s your company who made the video, make sure to use its logo either at the beginning and end of the video, or as a small icon on the bottom of the screen throughout. And if you’d like your viewers to take an action after watching the video, make sure you use a strong call-to-action.