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Driving engagement on Instagram takes strategy, creativity, and consistency. Companies who can express their authentic brand personality while tapping into relatable, trending ways of connecting with customers will have the best potential of standing out amongst competitors. Customers want to feel seen and heard — they prefer meaningful connections, and they’re more likely to like, comment, and share content they find relevant to their unique pain points. 

At Elysium Marketing Group, our experienced digital marketing team works with clients to create distinct, shareable social content. Instagram’s algorithm is often in flux, and we strive for our clients to remain ahead of the curve by researching current best practices and incorporating them into our respective content strategies. With that being said, we can recognize when companies are crushing the game on their feeds. 

Below, our team illustrates some of our favorite Instagram accounts and why their strategies stand out to us as best practices companies can integrate into their own campaigns. 

The Best Instagram Accounts to Follow: Why They Work

Elyse’s Pick: Ty Inc

This one will be a clear giveaway that I have children, but I really think Ty Inc is dominating their Instagram (remember Beanie Babies?!). Well, their relatives, Beanie Boos, are all the rage for kids today, and their Instagram social media team just get it. The stuffed animals are cute enough to, frankly, just take a picture and post, but instead they add personality to each animal to make it much more engaging. They tie into current events and trends, and don’t take themselves too seriously. You can tell whoever is posting is having a good time with it. Plus, they use movement well in their posts, which we always recommend to our clients because we know that boosts engagement as well. The brand endears themselves to parents, so if their kids beg for them in the store, they are more likely to have a positive affiliation and perhaps purchase! 

Little fun “testimonial” from KiKi the Cat that she may look cute, but she is FIERCE.

Ty Inc 001

Ty Inc 002

I mean, clearly the sloth is the rebel. The hairbrush makes him a badass! Ready to see this movie this weekend! 

Talena’s Pick: BookPeople

BookPeople is the largest independent bookstore in Texas located in downtown Austin. It’s a wonderland for books, live events, good coffee and food, and unique gifts. Their instagram @bookpeople markets their inventory and author events in a fun way, often by incorporating their employees, who truly make the store the beloved institution that it is. I also like how the page highlights the employees’ passion for reading and recommending good books, curating engaging, topical displays and spaces, and getting people excited about the store’s live events. In turn, followers can always count on adding to their never-ending book list, and look forward to upcoming events.

Bookpeople 001

This is a screenshot of a reel showcasing the bookstore’s cafe on the first floor. The baristas have fun making creative literary drinks, which you can see in the video. 

Bookpeople 002

Their employees take the time to create a variety of book displays for customers so they can easily find certain subjects. They also highlight topics of critical importance, as shown in this post.

Sophia’s Pick: Tory Burch

“Cool” was never a word I would use to describe Tory Burch. “Sophisticated, classic, and preppy” for sure, but I was never begging for a Tory Burch item until this new resurgence they are having on social in 2022!

They are killing it with video content on Instagram and they are taking full advantage of the influencer game right now. By working with celebrities like Sydney Sweeney and Madeline Petsch, and influencers like Benny Drama, they are bringing a new sense of youthfulness and “cool” to the brand. They are putting in the work, without making it look like they are trying too hard. I now love seeing what creators/actors/models they are working with and how they choose to promote their newest products!

Toryburch 001

Madeline and Benny not taking themselves too seriously, promoting new sneakers!

Toryburch 002Toryburch 003

Eugene’s Pick: One Piece Delivery

My pick isn’t a big brand; it’s a small, local moving business. I just like how they build trust with their potential customers. First of all, they are open and transparent to show how they are getting stuff done. They use videos, and they have a lot of “social proof posts” like customer reviews. They also collect short video reviews in story highlights, which is a great idea to have in one place for customers to see. 

Also, in their bio, they have a unique offer a good starting price and a clear call to action: “📲 For a quote, please text🔻305.610.8004” 

I would definitely use them for my moving needs. 


Lexie’s Pick: CAVA

Having gone to college in D.C., I spent a lot of time trying different QSR-style restaurants when I didn’t feel like cooking. During this time is when I fell in love with CAVA. Being that until recently they were only located in the DMV area, I’ve spent more time than I’m willing to admit stalking their Instagram account on the hunt for news they were hitting the Philly area (FYI, they have multiple locations in the Greater Philadelphia area now try it and I guarantee you’ll love it). Okay, back to their account. It’s the perfect combination of a pleasing aesthetic, informative, fun (food should always be fun), on-trend and engaging. They’ve recently leaned into the collab strategy having partnerships with Emma Chamberlain, which was a successful campaign that utilized TikTok trends (ASMR), video Q&A’s and Emma’s signature bowl…that quickly became a best-seller! 

They also aren’t afraid to lean into a viral moment. Yes, this meme has been overdone, but it still is most definitely in the Mount Rushmore of memes and this take is the perfect, unique tie-in to their brand! 

CAVA 001

Finally, they incorporate user-generated content to an appropriate extent to show their customers they see them and their posts from time to time. In this example, they shared a picture of a puppy in one of their delivery bags (when in doubt, post a cute animal or baby) to show off their logo in a lighthearted post!

Alexis’ Pick: The Editorial Nail

Everything about this account makes you wanna say “YASSSS Queeeen.” Gracie J aka @TheEditorialNail is a creative advocate mostly known for her keeping it 100 attitude, being the key nail stylist on TNT’s Claws, and her ready-to-wear press on nails line, TENX.

Being a creative myself, this account has it all. It’s a curated and visually pleasing feed, has innovative concepts, and serves major nail inspo. She’s taking her social media to the next level and creating a world of her own that could be taken right off the screen and into an ad campaign. She creates unique content that speaks to her clientele in an ingenious way.


She addresses shipping delays by staging a mini UPS cart showcasing her product and sending a message in a digestible and ADORABLE way.

Editorialnail 002

Her nails are her art medium of choice. This miniature setting features her small-scale work of art in a museum with an individual nail on the wall the way we can relate to looking at a Dalí. SO GENIUS!

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