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I’m always telling clients that their brands should be consistent, differentiated, and tell their story. However, telling the brand story can be a tough concept to grasp. What is my brand beyond my logo and colors? How do I incorporate my branding into my marketing strategy? Sometimes, the easiest way to explain how it works is to give an example of a brand who gets it. Personally, I get so excited when a brand can execute an intertwined branding and marketing strategy perfectly. 

You can see by my video below how excited I was over something as small as socks, but it was so much bigger than socks. And Baskin Robbins just gets it. 

Baskin Robbins rebranded and launched a new logo. It’s always tricky when a beloved brand makes changes. People like what they know and in the age of social media, there are always going to be unhappy, vocal people. I remember when Tropicana rolled out a new logo and there was an orange juice revolt, so I’m not here to judge the logo. I’m here to talk about their perfect execution of rolling out the logo and getting their user base engaged. 

basking robbins new logo vs old one

In honor of their new logo, Baskin Robbins posted some new, limited edition swag with the new logo. A super cute sweatshirt that says “BE HAPPIER” with the first B and the last R emphasized. Cute and appropriate for their brand. I mean, If ice cream doesn’t make you happier, I’m not sure what does! Two days later, they asked what [merch] are your favs? My team handles social media marketing for a lot of brands, and when they ask a question, they really do want an answer. So, I took the two seconds it takes and answered that the cute pink spoon socks were my favorite. Next thing I knew, Baskin Robbins was sliding in my DMs! 

Baskin-Robbins Social Media Marketing

Their social team wrote me and told me they loved the socks too! Go figure! ☺ Then they asked for my address to send me a pair. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Especially cute, useful stuff. 

Not only were they sending me free stuff, but they also kept me abreast of shipping times and delays. They went the extra step to acknowledge that they were taking a little while, but still coming. 

On the day of the sock arrival, it was like a little party in a box was sent to my door! Pink (on brand) shredded paper and adorable ice cream stickers on the box as an added bonus! Could not have been any cuter! There was a handwritten letter you can read below. Super upbeat and fun and PERFECT for an ice cream brand! 

A couple of Takeaways from Their Perfect Re-Brand Marketing Execution: 

  • They kept it light and fun…. Ice cream is serious business, but not so serious to consumers
  • They surprised and delighted their user base by offering them free items after a comment, not before
  • They went above and beyond to have good customer service on timing of the product arrival
  • They included a handwritten note to make it feel more personal and less like a ginormous brand treating everyone the same with canned copy and no personality
  • They gave an item that’s wearable so I can show off their brand for them
  • They made it fun and delightful, knowing that some people would share the good experience…

Baskin-Robbins Rebrand Box Socks Buskin-Robbins Rebrand pink spoon socks