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Is working with a marketing agency right for you?

A new calendar year can be the optimal time to start thinking or reevaluating your marketing strategy. Is your marketing working for you? Is it time to ramp up your efforts? Is it time to take your creative to the next level? Are you paying for marketing services, but not getting results? If so, it’s time to seriously consider working with a marketing agency for your digital marketing or creative needs. Below are 5 good reasons clients start working with a marketing agency.

1. You don’t have time

Time is a valuable thing. Time you can save during your day and your week adds up faster than you think. So let’s put it this way, do you have time to keep up with the ever changing digital marketing algorithms? Google, Facebook, Twitter and most other platforms change their algorithms almost daily. It’s not your job to keep up with each change to know how to best optimize your strategy. Our dedicated team of digital marketing specialists and social media experts comb through every single change and make the necessary changes to ensure your digital marketing is working for your company!

2. You have some marketing knowledge but no expertise

Awareness of marketing makes working with a marketing agency an even better experience! At Elysium Marketing Group, we take an individualized approach to each and every marketing strategy that we brainstorm and execute as a team. That strategy always works best when we have input from those with insider knowledge and expertise. Knowing your marketing goals and your audience is the perfect first step to kick off your marketing strategy with our team. While you may have a general understanding of how SEO or PPC works, the expertise to obtain conversions may not be your forte. We’ll incorporate your knowledge with our expertise to begin to show you results within days.

3. You don’t want to invest in a full-time employee with benefits

Benefits, PTO, bonuses, etc. all add up quickly. Hiring an employee to focus on your marketing efforts may feel like the easy way to achieve your goals, but it can become an expensive decision. Choosing to partner with a marketing agency like Elysium Marketing Group can become an efficient and effective way to achieve those goals at a controlled cost. You can work with an experienced agency on a monthly retainer basis to conquer your marketing needs. Better yet, working with a marketing consulting company grants you access to an entire team full of individuals who are dedicated to the different specialties within the greater marketing umbrella. Quite literally when it comes to marketing, there’s strength in numbers!

4. Your marketing team is maxed out

Burnout is real and can negatively impact your company and your marketing efforts. Our team has experience working alongside your current marketers to provide support in a creative way, a strategic way or aide in executing and implementing an existing project or campaign. Interested in learning how we’ve worked with marketing teams previously? Contact us to receive our references.

5. You need to look better but don’t have an in-house designer.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” A quote from Paul Rand that is among the Elysium teams’ favorites. And another of our favorites is “People do judge the book by its cover.” Whether it’s your website, signage, emails, social graphics, advertisements, billboards, or anything else your brand touches, people will take a look and then form an opinion about your company. Therefore, everything you put out there should look polished, on-brand and professional. Our marketing team is experienced in building a brand from the ground up, beginning with logo design or taking a company’s established brand guidelines and following suit for whatever assets you’re in need of. Interested in seeing more? Check out our portfolio!

Interested in learning more about the benefits of working with a marketing agency? Contact us today for a free consultation!