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The demand for digital marketing efforts continues to grow. According to Global Industry Analysts (GIA), the global market for digital advertising and marketing is projected to reach $768.2B by 2026, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 13.9% over the analysis period. Additionally, 63% of businesses have increased their digital marketing budgets in the past year. Clearly, it’s important for businesses to invest in digital marketing to position themselves in front of target audiences.


With this in mind, companies need to look towards a digital marketing firm that can stay ahead of marketing trends to help execute their business goals. One significant indicator an agency is a master of their craft is if their team has earned certifications that highlight their industry knowledge and expertise. Not only do marketing certifications demonstrate an agency’s collective skillset, but it also indicates a drive and passion for continual growth. 

By choosing a certified digital marketing agency, companies can rest assured their marketing account managers 

have vast experience in managing marketing strategies and monitoring results. Companies searching for a reputable agency can look for certification badges or icons on the agency’s website. 

Elysium Marketing Group is a digital marketing agency that offers comprehensive services for our clients. Our team is made up of subject matter experts that are certified in a variety of platforms to offer clients the best return on investment. Below, we outline the certifications we have and how they benefit our clients. 

HubSpot Partner

As a certified HubSpot Partner, Elysium specializes in using HubSpot, which is considered the leader in CRM platforms. Our team is certified in both the Marketing and Sales Hubs, which allows us to guide clients with everything from onboarding to strategizing in ways to utilize all the bells and whistles that come with the program. Recently, we’ve used HubSpot as a means to design landing pages in order to track specific campaigns like PPC and direct mail. 

HubSpot creates and manages content so you can engage potential buyers through channels like email, landing pages, and social media to accelerate growth and drive sales. Through the Sales Hub, HubSpot allows the sales team to easily navigate their pipeline at all times and set up sequences to stay top-of-mind to prospects while providing reports and analytics to optimize your sales strategy moving forward.

We can help determine which Hubs will work efficiently for your business objectives and manage all inbound marketing efforts to maximize the ROI from using the platform. We also incorporate HubSpot’s lead generation features to create individual forms to keep lists and leads easily trackable and then marketable through different automated workflows and sequences. 

SEMRush Agency Partner

SEMRush is a full-service SaaS platform that helps improve online visibility and offers marketing insights to assist SEO, PPC, SMM, and keyword research efforts. Elysium is a SEMRush Partner, meaning we have demonstrated that our team understands how to turn the platform’s marketing insights into strategic solutions backed by data, research, and industry experience. 

Our team uses SEMRush to gain insight on web traffic, backlink data, and overall keyword performance for our clients, as well as audit SEO on their websites to find potential performance roadblocks and then identify tailored solutions to increase visibility and drive sales. We also use the platform to garner data on client’s web performance, search engine ranking, and competitor sites to then make data-driven recommendations for better lead generation.

Through ongoing monitoring of our clients’ accounts and their industry competitors, Elysium is able to offer our clients data-driven insights to improve performance and expand business growth. 

Google Partner

Get the most of your marketing budget by partnering with a certified Google Partner like Elysium Marketing Group. A Google Partner has proven that their team are experts in navigating Google Ads services, helping clients set up and manage cost-effective PPC campaigns that deliver quality leads and conversions. Throughout each of the campaigns, we monitor performance to make adjustments as necessary to create the best PPC campaigns for our clients. 

If there is ever an issue with your campaign, Google Partners have a direct line of communication with Google’s support team. This can cut down on wasted time, energy, and money trying to get in touch with the company. Our team also stays up to date with the latest methods and platform changes so you can get the most of your campaign. In fact, Google Partners are required to take recertification exams to prove they are familiar with any and all changes that are made within the advertising platform.

Facebook Blueprint 

Obtaining Facebook Blueprint Certification exhibits a marketer’s comprehensive understanding of how advertising works on Facebook’s platforms and best practices to employ. This certification is the only training platform recognized by Facebook, so you can be sure that your social campaigns are in expert hands when choosing an agency that is Blueprint certified. Elysium has extensive social media marketing experience and stays well-versed in the latest trends, algorithms and strategies across social platforms to connect our clients to their target audiences. 

Microsoft Ads 

A certification in Microsoft Ads demonstrates a marketing agency has a detailed understanding of the search engine’s ad campaign platform. Previously known as Bing Ads Certified, the Microsoft Ads Certification courses enable marketers to learn best practices for optimizing ad campaigns and gain in-depth knowledge on reporting and tools. Because of our training, Elysium can ensure our clients’ PPC campaigns are targeted, cost-effective, and achieve the goals of our clients. 

Shopify Partner 

Marketers who are Shopify Partner certified are considered experts at using the Shopify platform to build ecommerce websites. Elysium is a certified Shopify Partner and can help your ecommerce business grow and offer a better customer experience through exclusive access to the platform’s research database. We also have a direct line to Shopify’s product support team to efficiently resolve any issues our clients may have, as well as insider information about upcoming features and Shopify’s product roadmap.

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

As a women-owned business, Elysium understands the importance of women working together to create opportunities, increase visibility, and help fellow women-owned businesses thrive. Through our Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification, we’re able to access a vast network of support through networking opportunities and events, development and educational resources, and more to help your business succeed. 

International Franchise Association 

Elysium recently joined the International Franchise Association (IFA), the world’s largest franchising membership organization, to continue our team’s passion for collaborating and building relationships with prominent franchise marketing groups. By joining the IFA, we’re able to stay up to date on the latest marketing strategies and best practices, as well as have access to educational resources and networking opportunities. Our IFA membership demonstrates our commitment to learning how to continually best serve our franchise clients for exponential growth. 

Work with a Philadelphia Certified Digital Marketing Agency 

A certified full-service digital marketing has the in-depth knowledge and wide range of skills to help your business succeed. Because Elysium Marketing Group is certified on a variety of different platforms, we can offer a custom suite of solutions to best serve you and your clients. An expert agency can spot gaps in digital marketing with a fresh perspective based on in-depth industry knowledge and a commitment to keeping up with marketing trends. Additionally, businesses can focus on their brand’s services and products while delegating marketing services to experienced masters of their craft. 

From content strategy and backend SEO services to managing Google Ads, Elysium Marketing Group can help companies grow their business with cost-efficiency in mind. For a free consultation on our digital marketing services, please fill out our contact form, or call (484) 684-7420 to speak with a team member.