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Women’s History Month is a month-long celebration dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the contributions women have made over the course of history. Throughout the month of March, it’s a time to reflect on how those contributions continue to impact our greater culture and society. This year, Elysium Marketing Group joined in the celebration by not only empowering and supporting our team members, interns, clients and more, but also by revisiting two organizations that are near and dear to our hearts. 

No one wants to hear the words “unprecedented times” ever again, but let’s be honest: it’s a phrase that still very much rings true. Research has shown that the pandemic was disproportionately difficult on working mothers. According to the Department of Labor, among adults ages 25-44, out-of-work moms were nearly three times as likely (32% vs 12%) as out-of-work dads to cite COVID-related childcare issues as the reason they were not employed, in a July 2020 survey. Women had to wear an infinite number of hats, all in addition to being a good worker. The WoMo Network, initially founded in 2016 by working mom and President of Elysium Marketing Group, Elyse Lupin, seeks to highlight this gap and offer support towards local working mothers. Although the organization took a hiatus during the pandemic, it now feels like the perfect time for Elyse to continue her passion project by reintroducing the WoMo Network and hosting a networking event to create an opportunity for women to come together. 

The WoMo Network event is fittingly titledA WoMo Welcomed Return to Normalcy & Networking Event” and will consist of lunch and a panel discussion to talk through the current state of the workforce for women, networking, and more. The panel consists of: Susan Jin Davis, who is the Social Impact Officer for Al Roker Entertainment; Suzanne Toner Chief, who serves as the Chief People Officer at Insomnia Cookies; LeeAnn Kindness, who is a Nutritionist of Product Development & Innovation at Wawa, Inc.; and Isabelle Scarchilli, who is the current CMO of LAGOS. The panel portion of the event will be moderated by Elysium & WoMo founder, Elyse Lupin, and the event will then consist of networking and lunch at Savona Restaurant in Gulph Mills. 

Another seamless connection to Women’s History Month was to incorporate the non-profit organization, Girls Spark, where our intern, Mollie Jamison, is the COO. Elysium Marketing Group has been working closely with Plymouth Whitemarsh High School and mentoring a few of their students who are interested in pursuing a career in marketing. This semester, we have been working with Mollie who opened our eyes to the organization’s impact. Girl Spark provides teenage girls with a supportive, empowering environment where they can learn, collaborate, and overcome adversity in facing today’s social issues. To commemorate Women’s History Month, Elysium Marketing Group became a sponsor for Girls Spark and also selected their organization to receive all proceeds of the upcoming WoMo Network event. 

If you’re interested in attending the event, you can purchase tickets here