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The health and wellness industry continues to expand with more consumers investing in wellness services and products. In fact, a recent report by Statista estimates the global wellness market at more than $4.4 trillion with an anticipated growth rate of over $6 trillion by 2025. While this creates opportunity for businesses to thrive, it’s important to utilize marketing strategies that fit the desired target demographic. 

Our marketing team spends a lot of time focusing on digital marketing tactics. This often makes sense because they demonstrate ROI more easily than traditional marketing methods. However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all target audiences spend their days in front of their computers or on their cellular devices and a crucial part of marketing is to be where your audience is.  

One of our clients in the healthcare industry needed to reach a demographic in low income areas. We saw moderate success with common digital tactics we use, so we decided to switch it up. We created double-sided flyers with Spanish on one side and English on the other, and found a company that goes door to door to drop the flyers as a leave behind since they could easily target their audience by zip code. 


To our (and the client’s) pleasure, their lead volume tripled and they were bombarded with inquiries from clients and caregivers alike. Falling into a one-size fits all approach simply doesn’t work with marketing. Tactics that perform well for one client do not always work well for another. Testing and learning is a crucial piece of the puzzle, ensuring we have a custom approach for each and every client. 

Another health & wellness client is My Health Warrior. They were promoting their new health and fitness app to large companies to provide as part of their benefits to their employees. My Health Warrior needed to clearly and concisely articulate how their app works and why it’s the best. Therefore, we created an on-brand informative tri-fold to use as a leave-behind after their team met with prospective companies. This leave-behind also can serve as a way to make the first introduction to a prospect by being able to drop them at the front desk of a company as their first touch-point in their sales process. 


With the expansion of consumers purchasing health & wellness products, companies need to differentiate their products more than ever. Our client that sells products in the CBD-space came to us in need of a rebrand that tied in the core values of their business: products are grown and produced on the company-owned farm and they are veteran-owned. From their re-brand we created eye-catching packaging to further highlight their core values and differentiate them from their competition.


As 2021 wraps up, it’s time to work on defining healthcare marketing goals and placing strategies into action to take your business to the next level in the new year. Of course we recommend including our tried and true digital marketing strategies, but keep your eyes open to traditional methods as well. The combination can be really powerful. Contact Elysium today to get started!