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Deciding to change your logo and brand identity is often a big decision. Questions arise: Will we lose all brand history that accompanies our logo? Will we maintain customer recognition or will confusion arise? Will we be able to create an even better image than the one we already have? All of these concerns should be factored in if you’re considering making a change. But when done well, a re-brand can re-energize your brand and your customers.

OpenTable just announced their new logo and brand identity and here’s why they did it well:

1. They took the time to re-evaluate the entire brand.

It wasn’t just about logo and color, although they are an important pieces. They took the time to figure out their tone, their history, and what they mean to customers.

2. They made their brand about valuable experiences, not simply about making reservations.

When they discuss who they are, they never say, “We’re the company who helps you make reservations.” They said, “We’re the company who gives you amazing experiences with your loved ones, friends, and co-workers.” Open Table brings people together; they don’t just reserve your spot at the table.

3. They were totally transparent.

Not only did they discuss why they changed their logo, but they also offered all of their brand assets to the general public – with full explanations. If you want to see their typography or understand their rationale behind their logo lockups, white space or color choices, it’s all on their site for you to enjoy.

4. They were excited about communicating their re-brand.

If you’re going to do a re-brand, you need to make a splash because it shouldn’t happen again for years. OpenTable’s announcement email used a clear subject line, “We’ve Got a Brand New Brand,” and this statement pays off as soon as you open the email and see their imbedded video driving to YouTube. While the video could have been a little stronger, it does re-enforce their message of offering people experiences and bringing people together to celebrate good times. They included the hashtag #brandnewbrand with all of their creative to continue the conversation and excitement online.