Don D’Angelo Label


Don D'Angelo Label After Elysium created a new logo for the winery, the label needed to be updated. We created a modern wine label that told the winery’s story and would stand out on the shelves filled with tons of competition. Elysium Marketing Group designed a label that [...]

Spring International


Spring International After Elysium completed a successful rebrand for Spring International, they were in need of a new website that reflected their new professional and modern aesthetic. Elysium Marketing Group designed a brand new website that applied the company’s new brand elements, imagery and ombré pattern. The new [...]

Spring International


Spring International Spring International has been in business for 30 years and found it was time to modernize their logo and branding. Elysium Marketing Group designed a logo that encompasses the global, and technologically-driven services Spring International provides as an established company. The branding our team created is [...]

Don D’Angelo


Don D’Angelo Don D’Angelo Winery was in need of an up-to-date logo that properly reflected the quality of their estate wine blends. Elysium Marketing Group created a modern and clean logo while still maintaining the integrity of the brand's history.

Bleni Blends


Bleni Blends Veterans in the vending industry wanted to start a smoothie revolution and open the first ever Smoothie vending machine! This brand new Bleni Blends concept promised a fun, modern, and state-of-the-art smoothie machine that delivers a healthy, no sugar added, smoothie in under 60 seconds!  [...]

Rowhome Coffee


Rowhome Coffee Two friends brought their dream to life by creating a coffee shop in the city of brotherly love. They were in need of a logo design using vintage branding that would resonate with the residents and stand out amongst the competition.  Elysium Marketing Group [...]

Innovative Extracts


Innovative Extracts The owners of Innovative Extracts were in need of a new logo design that emphasized the brand’s organic, farm-grown business with modern flare. Elysium Marketing Group took the “I” in their original logo and encompassed it within a farmhouse design to focus on the business’ unique [...]


Ardana Food & Drink


Ardana Food & Drink The owners of KC Prime - a well developed high-end steakhouse - opened a new Mediterranean Restaurant based on their roots in Cyprus. This new brand concept promised a one-of-a-kind experience that needed to mirror their branding. From a lemon tree in the middle of [...]

Yogurtland Social Media Ads


Yogurtland Social Media Ads Yogurtland is a frozen yogurt company with locations spanning across the country. They were in need to market to potential franchisees through social media advertising to increase awareness of the ability to purchase a Yogurtland location so they could expand their company to cover an even [...]

Social Media Marketing Case Study Facebook Ad Cantina

Cantina Feliz Lunch Awareness Carousel Ad


Cantina Lunch Cantina Feliz is a popular Mexican restaurant that had just reintroduced their lunch menu and hours after operating with limited hours during the pandemic. Elysium’s team created and set up an on-brand carousel ad showcasing Cantina Feliz’s popular lunch menu items like their guacamole, [...]

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