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Home repair services such as plumbing, roofing, lawn care, and electric all benefit from a solid online presence to attract more customers. In fact, 76% of consumers look at a company’s website before visiting in person. However, it can be challenging for consumers to find your business online if your business isn’t prominent in search engine results.

Business to customer pay-per-click advertising (B2C PPC) is a valuable marketing strategy that companies can take advantage of to stand out amongst competitors. Read on to learn about PPC and why you should invest in utilizing this marketing strategy.

What is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click advertising) is a form of online advertising where businesses create ads and offer a bid for ad placement in popular search engines (like Google) for certain keywords related to their business. In turn, businesses can be featured higher in search engine results when people search for those keywords.

For instance, when you search a particular keyword in Google, you’ll notice results at the top of the page marked as Google ads before the list of related questions and organic search results appear. These tagged ads are PPC campaigns. Each time someone clicks on a company’s advertisement, the advertiser pays a fee.


Why is Home Service PPC Important?

PPC is a vital online marketing tool that helps your business reach local customers searching for your specific services and/or products. While it’s also important to curate custom content that will drive organic searches, PPC can boost search engine results to generate leads quickly. This way your company is showing up exactly when someone is searching for the home service that your company provides. Investing your marketing budget in PPC search engine ads is necessary for business growth, especially if your area or field is saturated in competition.

What are the Benefits of Home Services PPC?

1. PPC Ads Appear Above Organic Search Results

When someone is searching for your target keyword, your PPC campaign should appear towards the top of the first search engine results page above other results. This makes your target audience more likely to contact you first above other businesses.

2. Directly Markets to Your Target Audience

PPC advertising enables business owners to target a specific audience. You can select individuals from a certain geographic area, who represent certain demographics like age range, or who possess specific interests. Moreover, you can focus on individuals who are actively seeking out your distinct services and products based on the focus keywords you selected. This helps to steer traffic to your landing page and improve the buyer experience.

3. Compete with Larger Businesses

PPC advertising combined with a stellar digital presence offers smaller businesses the opportunity to compete with larger, more established companies. It’s important that your website is responsive on desktop and mobile devices, contains compelling content, and has clear, persuasive calls to action (CTA) for customers. PPC advertising can then boost your company’s search engine results to direct more clients to your landing page.

4. Highly Measurable

If a paid campaign isn’t performing well, advertisers can easily modify parameters such as budget, location, and scope of reach. Another means of tracking ad performance is to run two different ads simultaneously to measure which ad content leads to more impressions, clicks, and lead conversions. This process is called “A/B testing”, which enables businesses to optimize content to improve search engine results. At Elysium Marketing Group, we took over the PPC for a home improvement company and spent time restructuring and optimizing their campaigns… The results speak for themselves, our client saw an increase in leads by 288% and an 80% increase in conversion rate!

Google Ads PPC Campaign Example - Highly measurable

How Marketing Agencies Use PPC for Lead Generation

At Elysium Marketing Group, we research your keywords and industry, and then set up and optimize the performance of your PPC campaigns to determine how to best reach your audience. We can then analyze your campaign’s key performance indicators (KPIs) through the following means:

  • Choosing relevant keywords and updating them accordingly to broaden reach
  • Adding negative keywords, or irrelevant terms, to narrow results and reduce wasted ad spending
  • Reviewing and excluding underachieving keywords
  • Separating ad groups into smaller, more nuanced groups to effectively steer specific audiences to optimize creative ad and landing page copy.
  • Managing leads through your sales funnel through CRM’s like HubSpot to keep your company top-of-mind at all times.

Investing in Construction PPC enables home service contractors to connect with a local audience searching for their unique services. Elysium Marketing Group employs a variety of digital marketing strategies, including B2C PPC, to reach your unique marketing goals. Call us at (484) 684-7420 or fill out our contact form to see how we can bring your online presence to the next level.