CRM & Marketing Automation

CRM & Marketing Automation We Provide

Setup & Integration of Hubspot

Setup & Integration of HubSpot

As a HubSpot Partner, our team will provide hands-on support to properly set up your HubSpot account to best fit your company’s needs and integrate any and all necessary applications to have your CRM working perfectly.

Inbound Strategy Development

Inbound Strategy Development

Inbound marketing strategy is the method of growing your business by building long-lasting relationships with your consumers and prospects. To create and implement a successful inbound strategy you must focus on attracting, engaging and delighting your customers. 

Inbound Strategy Development
CRM Buyer Persona Development

Buyer Persona Development

Buyer personas are a semi-fictional way for a company to represent their ideal customers.
We work with you to develop these personas that then allows us to focus your marketing efforts on creating content and marketing campaigns that best fit your buyer personas.

CRM Traffic Generation

Traffic Generation

To best improve ways to increase traffic generation, it’s best to look at the entirety of a company’s marketing including analyzing website performance, content creation process, SEO, PPC and more. Once we analyze your current marketing, a strategic approach will be put in place to lead to higher website traffic through different mediums.

CRM Traffic Generation
Lead Conversion Path Creation Oon CRM

Lead Conversion Path Creation

A lead conversion path is the process that a website visitor transitions from an anonymous user to a lead. We work alongside your team to create a lead conversion path that consists of content, landing pages, dedicated forms, thank you pages and drip campaigns.

CRM Lead Nurturing and Scoring

Lead Nurturing and Scoring

Lead scoring is a rule-based system that is unique to your business that ranks leads to determine who is a “cold lead” versus a “hot lead”. This allows your sales and marketing teams alike to determine where to focus their efforts. Lead scoring can be increased by working on lead nurturing campaigns. Lead nurturing consists of automated emails, drip campaigns, automated reminders and tasks sent to your sales team to follow up with a lead and more to keep your sales pipeline moving in the right direction!

CRM Lead Nurturing and Scoring