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4 Quick Takeaways from the Wawa Has Pizza CampaignIf you’ve spent any time in the Philadelphia area recently, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the infamous “Wawa has Pizza” campaign. Its simplicity is striking, and it has piqued the curiosity of marketers everywhere. Let’s break down this campaign and extract some valuable insights:

Keep it Simple

One of the standout features of the “Wawa has Pizza” campaign is its simplicity. Instead of going for grandiose claims like “Wawa has the best Pizza ever” or “Try Wawa Pizza Today,” they’ve chosen the straightforward approach of stating the obvious: they have Pizza. This uncluttered message is easy to remember and resonates with consumers who appreciate clear, no-nonsense advertising. Lesson learned: no need to overcomplicate or add unnecessary fluff when a simple message does the job effectively.

Use a Multi-Pronged Approach

What makes this campaign particularly effective is its omnipresence. It’s not just on the radio; it’s on bus backs, in-store, and seemingly everywhere you turn. While most brands may not have Wawa’s advertising budget, the principle here is clear: use a variety of marketing mediums to ensure your message is heard and seen consistently. Repeated exposure to your message increases the chances of it sticking in the minds of potential customers. Consistency is key.

Use Influencers that Make Sense

Influencer marketing can be a potent tool, but its effectiveness often depends on the relevance of the influencer to the product or brand. Wawa hit the mark by enlisting the guys from Jersey Shore, whose association with Italian culture aligns with Pizza. It also taps into the nostalgia factor, appealing to a broader demographic who may remember the reality TV show. Selecting influencers that resonate with your target audience and fit naturally with your product can significantly boost your campaign’s impact.

Use Point of Sale/Interior Signage

In the physical realm, Wawa has plastered their stores with signage about their Pizza offerings. From signs hanging inside the store to messaging on gas pumps, they ensure that even those who might have missed the radio or TV ads are fully aware of their Pizza. This underlines the importance of using point-of-sale and interior signage to reinforce your marketing message to those who are already engaged with your brand.

While it’s true that not every brand can match the budget of a retail giant like Wawa, that doesn’t mean we can’t draw valuable lessons from their highly memorable campaign. Simplicity, multi-channel exposure, relevant influencers, and point-of-sale signage are strategies that can be adapted to suit any marketing campaign. So, take a page from the “Wawa has Pizza” playbook, and apply these principles to your own marketing endeavors.