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5 Things I’ve Learned Since Starting My Marketing Consulting Business in PA

1. There’s beauty in simplicity.

Trying to cram too many messages into your marketing creative, whether on or offline, just deters your consumers from reading further or taking any action. I’ve seen more websites and sales brochures that are so incredibly cluttered and trying to do too much at one time. Straightforward messaging and clean creative are the way to go.

2. You have to budget money for social media.

Facebook’s algorithms keep changing, and Zuckerberg really knows what he’s doing. No matter how great your brand page is and how many “likes” you have, you are out of luck if you don’t boost posts or buy ads. People who like your page will rarely see it in their newsfeeds without you putting some money towards it.

3. Editorial Calendars are underrated.

People love to talk about content marketing, but most don’t have a clue how to generate it and when to use it. I’d recommend sitting down and planning the entire year with content that relates to your business, but is also content people desire. If you’re ecommerce, American holidays are a good place to start. Make sure you’re touching on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and the other major ones, but include important events during the year like the Superbowl and the Oscars as well.

4. Having a marketing strategy is imperative, but so is being flexible.

A marketing strategy is your roadmap, but that doesn’t mean if there’s an interesting pit stop that you didn’t plan, you shouldn’t take advantage of it. Especially when it’s a relevant way to get your messaging into the hands of your prospects and consumers. Follow your marketing plan, but stay as flexible as you can to react to unexpected changes.

5. There is not enough time in the world to read all the great marketing content out there.

However, I’m hoping that’s where I can help. I spend a lot of time reading marketing & business blogs, articles, and posts. When I find something that I believe is very valuable, I post it on the Elysium Marketing Group Facebook page.