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Social media has provided brands with the opportunity to be viewed by their consumers in a different way than ever before. They can now get in front of their customers in an approachable way to remain top of mind with every post they share. Here are some brands who are utilizing Instagram to stay relevant to their core followers while also bringing awareness to potential consumers.

GoPro – User Content

Everyone has seen an amazing (usually adventurous) video that has been filmed using GoPro. The tech company invented a camera that is built to be waterproof and withstand any damage that would have prohibited that thrill-seeker from capturing their journeys on film for the world to see. Due to the nature of their business, it should be no surprise that GoPro is at the top of this list.

What They Do: With 13 million followers on Instagram from across the world, GoPro utilizes their best asset (their customers) to sell their cameras. The GoPro Instagram feed is full of amazing pictures and videos that were taken using their cameras. Trust us, each picture will give you that feeling of wanderlust that just might inspire you to purchase a GoPro of your own.

Why They’re Killing It: User-Generated content! Not only does GoPro show you the best images and videos that were captured by the product they are showcasing but they do it by highlighting pictures and videos sent to them by their best spokespeople, their users. Each day, GoPro shares either a “Video Of The Day” or “Photo Of The Day” where they share posts that were submitted to them on the platform, this not only engages their audience and consumers but also provides GoPro users with an incentive to take that next adventure (with their GoPro) and submit their own footage!

SMM Agency Case Study - Instagram GoPro

Moleskine – Brand Aesthetic

Moleskine started by selling their classic notebooks, which are insanely popular (the Elysium team even uses them). The brand has evolved and now carries an entire line of office supplies as well as bags and accessories. The products are high-quality, affordable and even customizable – one reason why this brand has become a fan favorite.

What They Do: Moleskine might not be a company who screams as one you should follow on social media, but I highly recommend giving their Instagram a follow. Their feed is aesthetically pleasing, they highlight their products in a unique way, often by having their notebooks open to beautiful sketches. While you’re scrolling through old posts, you will never feel like you are looking at “just a notebook company’s feed.”

Why They’re Killing It: The real beauty to Moleskine’s Instagram is when you look at their feed in the grid format. Instagram breaks down their layout so you see three photos on each line of the grid. Moleskine takes advantage of this and posts 3 pictures in a row that are complimentary to one another – they’re essentially a picture within their profile which allows the brand to show an image in two different formats to their followers. Scrolling throughout a person’s daily feed they see beautiful pictures of the Moleskine products, but upon checking out the company’s profile they are also treated to a thought out, cohesive feed that showcases exactly what Moleskine is helping their consumers achieves – organization!

SMM Agency Case Study - Moleskine Instagram

Lush – Customer Service

Lush is a beauty and cosmetic brand, priding itself on their “homemade” products that are natural, organic and produced cruelty-free. Their products are colorful, smell amazing and are a hit across the world, so much so that they have gathered a group of followers who have become some of the greatest spokespersons for the brand itself.

What They Do: Lush creates fun products so it is only fitting that their feed is full of beautiful, colorful posts that highlight exactly what their products are made for – fun. The majority of their feed is focused on their bath bombs, which is their #1 top seller allowing Lush to showcase bright photos and videos of their fun bath bombs. For example, they show a video of their rocket bath bomb dissolving in a tub – SO COOL and makes you want to order 1 (or ten) as you’re scrolling through your feed.

Why They’re Killing It: The true reason Lush made this list of a brand who absolutely thrives on Instagram is because of their comment section (weird, I know) but Lush has a team who replies to every relevant comment on their posts on the platform. This is a huge part of Lush maintaining their insanely loyal customers. Here’s an example: @healthybalancedblonde commented on a post and said “What is this one??? I needed!!!!” Now typically, larger brands would ignore a comment like this or maybe “like” it so the customer felt important but not Lush. Rather, Lush responded that same day tagging the previously noted customer – “This is our ever-gorgeous Tisty Tosty bath bomb, Morgan! – Meghan” Now, not only does this customer feel like they are getting to know the brand they buy from by the employee adding her name to the comment, but also, she took the time to click on the customer’s page and learn her real name. This personalized touch goes a long way and has helped Lush grow to having 3.9 million followers.

SMM Agency Case Study - Instagram Lush Cosmetics

SMM Agency Case Study - IG Lush Cosmetics 2

Halo Top – Exciting, Fun Content

Okay, so who doesn’t love ice cream?! Halo Top Creamery is gaining popularity for being the world’s first all-natural light ice cream, and due to that, supermarkets can’t stock the freezer aisles with these pints quickly enough. Each pint is under 350 calories for the ENTIRE pint and thus ice cream lovers and health-enthusiasts alike are championing this brand.

What They Do: Halo Top highlights their product in fun, innovative ways that excite their followers. Let’s be honest, they’re working with one of the yummiest products that automatically provides their consumers with joy. However, the brand consistently highlights their products in new enthusing ways by often incorporating the “ingredients” for the flavors of ice cream. Their captions are also fun, uplifting, and often full of puns which truly fits with the tone of this brand.

Why They’re Killing It: Halo Top just gets it, their posts are fun on-brand and they always make me want to go out and buy a new flavor of their product line. They are also masters of new product launches. Here’s what they did before they launched 7 new flavors this month. Each day for a week, the brand posted a picture of an object indicative to the flavor of ice cream that corresponded with a number. For example, on day 6 they posted a 6 made of cinnamon rolls to introduce their new Cinnamon Roll ice cream. Then, on day 7 they posted all 7 new flavors in one group shot.

SMM Agency Case Study - Halo Top IG

Shinola – Personal Experience

Shinola is a USA made leather company from Detroit who got their start only 5 years ago by selling watches with a goal of bringing American jobs back to the city. Since their start, the brand has escalated into selling high-end leather goods, jewelry and accessories.

What They Do: Shinola shows off their high-end products in a way that truly makes you want to purchase from the company. They utilize the “Link in Bio” feature so followers can easily link out of the app and go straight to the product they’re eye-ing up and make that purchase immediately. This is currently the best user-experience an e-commerce company can provide to their customers on Instagram, and Shinola is executing this perfectly.

Why They’re Killing It: The story behind Shinola is an important piece of the company’s identity and therefore is an important piece of their presence on Instagram. Shinola highlights their team members on Instagram to give followers that personal connection that further allows them to feel as if they know the brand they are buying from. To further expand on showing their identity, Shinola uses #RollUpOurSleeves – throughout their feed you will see this hashtag shared with different pictures and videos. These posts highlight Shinola team members who have gone above and beyond the brand’s mission and brought positive change to the communities in which the members work and live. These feel good, inspirational stories are posted just enough to provide you with that warm and fuzzy feeling but not too often to make it feel overdone. It shows their consumers that they practice what they preach and truly care about the places where they are building factories to help bring jobs to different cities across the country.

SMM Agency Case Study - Instagram Shinola

SMM Agency Case Study - Instagram Shinola  2