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Dear Basecamp,

I’m writing this letter to you to say, thank you! Honestly, I could thank you one hundred million times and it still wouldn’t begin to justify all that you’ve done for me and my team. To try to begin to thank you properly, I’m going to outline all of the reasons why you’ve become a dark horse in the running for the best part of my job.

Reason 1: You Start My Day Off On the Right Foot

Every morning, your Basecamp email graces my inbox as a gentle reminder of everything I can expect to happen in my day. Granted, working in a marketing agency there’s always something different that will pop up but you always manage to provide guidance on what I need to do to be as prepared as possible.

Reason 2: You Make Organization Easy

I love a good a list, there’s just something about crossing one thing off at a time. Basecamp has taken a list and quite literally digitized it! It outlines your entire day in one place, for multiple clients and projects, then lets you mark them as done by checking their box. The online-version of crossing something off that’s equally as satisfying.

Reason 3: All Conversations Living in One Place

Okay, hear me out – there’s almost nothing worse than having to search through your thousands and thousands of emails trying to track down an edit that one person made while you were on-site for a photoshoot with a different client, or in a separate meeting. Even worse, there are the client’s that send some emails mixed with some texts – making it virtually impossible to keep everything straight. Then there’s Basecamp, a beautifully designed place where every single edit can live. Font size a point larger? There’s a comment for that! Can you use this font from the second version I saw three days ago? Easy, you can just scroll up and see every version quite literally ever created.

Reason 4: Files in One Place

There’s something about having a safe space online… A place where you can go to find the emails you need to schedule, the photos you need to use to prepare your social media posts for that week, or a place to brainstorm with your team (basically anything you could ever need). For us, Basecamp is that place. The Docs + Files section is our Mecca, with a folder for each client that holds brand guidelines, images from photoshoots, logos, whatever you need – you can find it! This is especially helpful when onboarding new team members.

Reason 5: The “Boost” aka the Best Way to Say Good Job

At Elysium, we’re all about the love! The “boost” feature on Basecamp is by far one of our favorite features of this program. Whether it’s a simple “Thanks!” or at times throwing in an emoji to make our co-workers feel appreciated (here are a few we gravitate towards: ????, ????,❤️, ????????) we all use the boost daily to high-five each other through the computer.

So Basecamp, I could keep writing about the endless reasons that you are such an integral part of our success, but I have to get back to my To-Do List! But, in all seriousness, for all of the organizational amazingness you’ve brought to our lives, we just want to say one thing, one more time…. Thank you!


The Elysium Team