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For Franchisees

Like Your Chosen Business

This one seems kind of obvious, but listening to keynote speaker, Drew Brees, all of his franchise choices were brands he loved before he purchased them. He purchased a Jimmy Johns because he loved their sandwiches and he purchased Stretch Zone because he loved the services they provided. Now not everyone can just buy any franchise they like the way an NFL star can, but if you’re in the market to buy a franchise, you should really believe in the brand, the product, the culture, etc before you even think about spending your money.

International Franchise Conference IFA 001

For Franchisors

Keep Your Ears Open

Franchise City can be completely overwhelming with options to help with your technology, PR, payroll, etc. But beyond Franchise City there are so many people who can help with whatever your pain points are. Franchisors who come prepared with those pain points in mind should be able to address those areas and find a solution at the IFA Convention.

For Vendors

There’s not a better way to make as many quality and quantity of contacts

The committee for the Convention does a great job of sharing contact information, setting up roundtable meetings, and holding parties at night, so literally all day long you’re meeting new people. I was taking a break and sitting at a random table when I started talking to a prominent Franchise CEO who came over to the table. We chatted and then connected through email and LinkedIn. Even on a break, you meet super-quality people!

For Marketers

Some Useful Reminders from the Panels

Each panel was made up of heavy-hitters making some good points that were awesome reminders and good to share:

  • It takes time for digital marketing to start working(so be patient!), but once it does, it’s super powerful
  • ChatPGT is a super helpful tool that marketing teams will need to master, but it will not replace their jobs. A human element is required to fact-check and add emotion
  • An omni-channel strategy is so much more powerful than one channel by itself!

International Franchise Conference IFA 002

For Franchise Fam

No one does it better than you!

After every Franchise event we attendt, we’re super thankful we decided to niche in food & franchise. The Franchise Fam is full of super smart, super helpful entrepreneurial minds. I always leave IFA events feeling like I gained more knowledge, more contacts, and more friends. Can’t wait for Phoenix!

International Franchise Conference IFA 003