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What a time we’re living in. What a time to be a small business. While most of us are happy to “shelter in place” for the greater good, entrepreneurs have a VERY hard time slowing down and working less.

I caught myself looking at pictures of Elysium’s 5 year anniversary party from the beginning of this year. It feels like years ago, not months ago. So much has changed. So many smart, supportive people attended that celebration, and now so many of them are going through similar struggles with their own small businesses.

It made me think of how lucky I am to have these people in my life, as friends and business confidents. Instead of keeping them all to myself, I thought I’d share some of our secret weapons that help Elysium and our clients thrive.

Currently there are a lot of measures being taken to help small businesses. But how do you apply? And which ones do you qualify for? It’s like a job in itself to know what’s out there and what you’re eligible for.

Recommendation #1: Triad Associates.

To help with cashflow and increase your chances of receiving as much available government funding as possible, they are your best bet.

Elysium has written about the importance of branding over and over, so I’ll step down from my soapbox on that topic. However I’d be remiss if I didn’t bring up the importance of imagery. Quality pictures are so important for websites, social media, and sales materials. Pictures of people and pictures of products should represent you and your brand in the best light possible.

Recommendation #2 Audrey Ditzler Photography

We’ve worked with Audrey on numerous food photography shoots. She’s incredibly easy to work with and super talented as well.

Recommendations # 3 Kara Raudenbush Photography

Kara captures the human spirit like no other. Headshots or any event are totally in her wheelhouse.

Right there next to photography is videography. Storytelling is essential for all brands. A video can add a dimension to your story that encourages people to take action or even explains a complex situation.

Recommendation #4 2020 Visual Media

Philly’s own 2020 Visual Media are master storytellers for your brand.

Recommendation #5 CinemaCake Filmmakers

CinemaCake Filmmakers are known for the best wedding videos in the biz, but don’t let that fool you. They’re fantastic at corporate work as well.

Once we get your branding on point, incorporating imagery and video from the recommendations above, your phone is going to start ringing. So much so, that you may need to start hiring new employees. Just like with marketing, you don’t have time to look for someone on your own. Therefore, you hire professionals who understand your industry and have vast networks and connections.

Recommendation #6 Be Group

The Be Group is a talent placement firm headed by dynamic duo Staci and Ed Epstein. They know everyone and have their pulse on what’s going on.

Recommendation #7 The O’Connor Group

The O’Connor Group is an Talent Acquisition and HR Outsourcing Company founded by Marcia O’Connor. We helped coin their #connectorswhocare and it couldn’t be more true.

It’s an incredibly tough time out there for a myriad of reasons, but the good news is that there are talented people with small businesses who are ready to help your business grow in any way you need.

We’re here for your marketing needs, whether that’s now to get ready for the world to open up again or down the road when you’re ready to hit the accelerator for growth… And we know just the partners to help you achieve those goals as well.

Stay healthy and stay sane!

~ Elyse